Gershwin Hamerly: Born October 28, 2005


My name is Gershwin, I'm a two year old plus Golden Retriever living in southern California, mostly in Poway but frequently in Palomar Mountain when my owners come to their senses. I have many interests, my favorite being chasing sticks on Palomar (hey, I am a Golden Reriever). Perhaps my most notable interest is in composing music. I am an advocate of the "Mozart effect", promoted mostly in human brains, but I believe there is evidence for such an effect in dogs as well. My owners attribute my musical ability to an an unusually thick corpus callosum that connects the left and right hemispheres of my brain. You can read about it more here though, frankly, I am way ahead of human science on this topic.

Anyway, you'll see the usual history of my development below in picture form, I hiope you enjoy my web site. You can also read more about me and my friends on facebook.



Historical Videos: (WMV)

Picking Gershwin up at the breeder...

Fighting with pull toy...

Romping with dog-friend Susie...

8 weeks old

With Kim and Tim...

9 weeks old

11 weeks old

13 weeks old
14 weeks old
After first bath
Four and a half months
Five months, top of Iron Mountain trail
Eleven months, on Palomar Mountain
Twelve months, at Thanksgiving 2006
Below: On Palomar Mountain, December 19, 2006