What our customers are saying:
"Peggy is an awesome tutor! We were so blessed to have her. She is patient and kind, and has a true understanding of children and how they work. She has a way of being able to explain the work so that anyone can understand it. She is a true asset." (M. Taylor, San Diego)

"I was one of Mrs. Hamerly's ESL students for a year.  Mrs.Hamerly is an awesome teacher!  She is nice, and likes to help students with all their subjects.  And if she doesn't know about that information, she'll search for it.  She helped me a lot with my  homework. After she taught me English, I was getting better. I learned a lot of new words and interesting information from her! She helped me do better in school." (T. Nguyen, San Diego)

"I was one of Mrs. Hamerly's ELD students when I was an 8th grader.  Mrs. Hamerly helped me with my grammar and to study for tests.  She is really good at teaching and reviewing things, and she is really nice!  If Mrs. Hamerly hadn't helped me, I might have gotten poor grades and might not have graduated.  To me, she is a great teacher!" (S. Inn, San Diego)


  • Students get behind due to absence or illness.
  • Teachers have larger class sizes, less time for individual help
  • Students hit learning "speed bumps" andneed extra help
  • Students desire to excel and want extra instruction


Personalized, individual tutoring in the following areas:

  • K-8: All subjects
  • High School: algebra, French, English, history, writing, ESL and more
  • College/Adult: French, English, ESL

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An experienced teacher who is:

  • Patient
  • Caring
  • Committed to helping students succeed
  • Credentialed
  • Creative
  • Encouraging
  • Resourceful

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  • In your home
  • In my home
  • Online

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3pm - 9 pm and by appointment.

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